Mar 2018, Converged Caching and Content Delivery - IRAQ

Masiya is happy to announce that it has been awarded the contract of Converged Caching and Content Delivery solution by IRAQ’s lead Telecom operator.

  February 26 to 1 March Mobile World Congress 2018 - Barcelona

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA. Masiya Group will be attending and meeting with Customers and Partners where our focus will be on helping companies reinvent themselves be relevant to a new “normal" of customer engagement and business.

Masiya is securely and respectfully turning information into intelligence to create great customer experiences making their customers ready for “ The New Normal".

Martin Williams, VP Business Development will be at the Congress and available to discuss how Masiya and their partners are disrupting the old norm. Please email us through the link below to request a meeting.

Martin Williams
VP Sales and Business Development
Tel: +44 7760171696

  Aug 2017, ISO Certified

Masiya is happy and proud to complete all ISO requirements and get certified for :

1- ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management System

2- ISO 14001:2015 : Environment Management System.

3- OHSAS 18001:2007 : Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

  June 2017, APM Services in Iraq

Masiya is happy to announce that it has been awarded a Managed Service contract by IRAQ’s lead Telecom Operator for it’s overall F5 APM system that handles VPN services for the whole network.

  June 2017, Roaming Services in Iraq

Masiya is expanding it’s Roaming Services for the lead mobile telecom in IRAQ by adding a WSMS probe to it’s Core network..

  March 2017, VAS Support Renewal in Iraq

The leading mobile and data services operator in IRAQ renewed its trust to Masiya to support end to end VAS services ( SMSC, SMS Gateway, SMSC Antispam, Ring Back Tone, Intelligent Traffic Steering Welcome SMS and Local/Global Traffic Managers for another year since the success story started in 2006.

  March 2017, Managed Services in Iraq

For the 7th year, Masiya is pleased to extend managed services contract with Ericsson in IRAQ, . Masiya is yet again demonstrated that it has the competencies to supply Ericsson with the required 1st and 2nd level of operations to manage the VAS services. Masiya has been managing VAS operations in IRAQ since 2006 and is currently taking care of OPCO’s SMSC, SMS Gateway, SMS Antispam, Intelligent Traffic Steering, Welcome SMS, Personalized Ring Back Tone, SIM OTA and Global/Local Traffic Managers Services. Through these years of experience, and with our competent engineers, Masiya has learnt how to be the most efficient and effective in terms of managing services at IRAQ’s lead Mobile OPCO.

  Feb 2017, Managed Services in Kuwait

Masiya is happy to announce winning the oppritunity for managed services of Core Network operations in telecom OPCO in Kuwait to provide Onsite, First, Second and Third line support that also includes Event, Change, Problem, Incident and Logistics Management for DDoS, CG-NAT, Enhanced DNS, Cache Flow and Local traffic Management appliances

  Dec 2016, Hitachi Data Systems

Masiya join forces with Hitachi Data Systems to establish new standards in storage management in the Middle East!

  November 2016, DDoS ARBOR CLOUD

Masiya is very much happy to have another oppritunity to handle further DDoS enhancement services via Arbor Cloud and by then complete the protection cycle.

  November 2016, SMS Antispam

Masiya have successfully completed a delivery of advanced SMS Anti spam System, the last piece of the puzzle to complete for an end to end messaging solution with Masiya’s/CloudMark anti spam system, that assures automatic monitoring for messaging threats in real time and distribute new data (micro-update) to all installations at frequent intervals for maximum accuracy. For these updates to be at their most effective feedback on the threats seen by operator’s subscribers would need to be used. The GSMA Spam Reporting Service that this Anti spam powers would enable this through an interactive collection of undesired methods from subscribers whom have initially forwarded a spam message to a short code.

  October 2016, Large Volume Logging System

Masiya has recently implemented a Large Volume Logging solution, a platform that will provide customer with full secured and controlled monitoring for subscriber’s data sessions and activities for the whole network. This system can expose and have simple yet detailed logging via a friendly GUI with ability to search specific IP’s, MSISDNs, IMSI ...etc during certain customized duration.This solution provides a monitoring tool that is fully customized and can be adapted based on request.

   October 2016, Enhanced and Secure Gi DNS Solution

Masiya/Infoblox were pleased to deploy a new DNS system that Enhanced and Secure Gi DNS. customers were provided with a solution that provide Subscribers and network with enhanced and secure DNS and IPAM services based on robust and carrier grade DNS appliances to cater to network demand. The new DNS service provided will cater to the growing demand of the network and as well as being able to scale for 3 years with minimal of intervention. The deployed solution is built out of standard Infoblox appliances. The innovative design of combining unique hardware and software features make it possible to deliver a highly resilient DNS solution.

  September 2016,  Enhanced Messaging Solutions

Masiya have created the initiative to have the responsibility to enhance messaging solutions with an in-house developed services and those are: “SMS Broadcast (SMS To Many)”, ICTI service, “Know your offer/Language change” and “locations based Service for SMS Advertisement”. “SMS Broadcast” service will allow subscribers to send short messages to a group of recipients by sending a single message to a predefined short code. Ideal for groups of friends and families or for sports club, society members etc. “Messages Interaction Between Subscribers and ICTI service” that will allow subscribers to send short messages with certain content to ICTI system. “location based advertisement services”where a request to allow MSC send request to Masiya’s SMS platform (Subscriber location) and it will add feature or send notification to end user. And “Know your offer/Language change”, were we will query subscriber’s actual language and respond with it, instead of Arabic only. Masiya is the pioneer in providing advanced SMS services, in addition to the above, we provide advanced services that but not limited to Copy & Forward, Auto-Reply, Personalized White/Black list, missed call notifications, voicemail alerts, call me, emergency SMS, through to Advance Credit services.

  July 2016,  Distributed Denial of Service Protection

Masiya and it’s partners, Arbor, Fortinet, and A10 have successfully deployed a DDoS solution which fulfills all the security, DDoS mitigation, Web Filtering and Carrier Grade NAT requirement from the best of breed systems provided by technology leaders. Independent Industry Analysis have confirmed that Arbor is is the market leading provider of the purpose of DDoS Mitigation solutions. The company has focused on DDoS mitigation for years and currently used to protect 90% of Tier 1 service providers. Furthermore, Fortinet is a global leader in high-performance network security. A10, has many customers worldwide that have successfully deployed Carrier Grade NAT solutions as part of their IPv6 migration strategy and to maintain IPv4 connectivity for the ever growing mobile and smartphone market.